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©L+CO | Nivå | Architectural CGI


Turks & Caicos

Nivå is a celebration of contemporary Caribbean architecture in Turks and Caicos. We worked on the positioning, naming, brand creation, website design and build, and sales collateral for this limited collection of six island retreats.


  • Brand positioning
  • Brand narrative
  • Naming
  • Brand identity
  • Print applications
  • Website design + build
  • Advertising

    Designed by Swedish architect Magnus Ström, the name Nivå (Swedish for levels) reflects the composition of the design – an arrangement of living levels in the form of stacked podiums built into the layers of the landscape with indoor and outdoor spaces designed to enjoy every moment of the day.

    We looked to celebrate the structure and bold design to introduce the striking residences to architecture aficionados seeking a Caribbean island retreat.

    There is honesty around the proposition of Refined Interruption. Windward are residents of the island and understand completely their responsibility to the environment and community. The location for Nivå will change as the development takes shape, but the team’s commitment is to create a product that feels at home in this spectacular location.

    ©L+CO | Nivå | Animation thumbnail
    ©L+CO | Nivå | Architectural CGI
    ©L+CO | Nivå | Architectural CGI
    ©L+CO | Nivå | Brand Message
    ©L+CO | Nivå | Brand Messaging
    ©L+CO | Nivå | Website landing screen

    Website Design

    With the Nivå site, we looked to celebrate the structure and bold design to appeal to those with an appreciation for contemporary architecture. Built using React, we created a clean aesthetic to complement the striking residences.


    ©L+CO | Nivå | Brochure mockup
    ©L+CO | Nivå | Plans folder
    ©L+CO | Nivå | Brochure Spread
    ©L+CO | Nivå | Oversized Floorplans