With a mix of seasoned brand aficionados, young creatives and developers looking to change the world, our team brings valued expertise and energy to each project we are lucky enough to undertake. Each one an opportunity to make it as good as it can be.

L+Co studio bookcase

Brand positioning + identity


Our process is unique and effective. It is about defining a singular, compelling idea that guides a brand to respond, create and grow. By drawing out what drives a business and the individuals behind it, an idea that can truly be owned takes shape.

Website design + build


As a stand-alone project or part of a wider brand roll-out programme, our design, development and digital marketing teams work together with our clients to produce intuitive, fast and optimised websites.

Digital marketing


To ensure a website isn’t shouting into an empty room, our digital marketing team use search engine optimisation (SEO), content marketing, social channels, paid search and email marketing based on a clear strategy, to fill the room with the right people.

Print design + applications


As creatives, we understand the power of beautiful print and how digital continues to pose questions on the need for printed material. We advise openly on where it can add real value to your communications and brand engagement.

Rising to the challenge


Creativity is like a muscle – use it every day and it becomes stronger. We are powerlifters when it comes to creativity and relish the opportunity to flex this regardless of sector. Our expertise and passion are transferable.