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UNO Marbella

Costa del Sol, Spain

With its unique offer of a chance to own a home on the last parcels of beachfront land on Marbella’s Golden Mile, UNO needed to convey the rarity of this opportunity through its naming, print and digital applications.


  • Proposition
  • Narrative
  • Naming
  • Brand identity
  • Tone of voice
  • Film
  • Print applications
  • Digital applications

    Kickstarting with a brand workshop, we developed a proposition and narrative to shape and guide the design. Only UNO became the unique proposition and name – capturing the sentiment that these would be the final beachfront residences to take their place on the shores of Marbella, where a fortunate few can live the most extraordinary year-round lifestyle.

    We worked with CTH Capital to help bring UNO Marbella to market. We created a password-entry digital presence for buyers and printed brochures packaged in oak welcome boxes, crafted in collaboration with Deben Joinery.

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