Angel O’Donnell

London, United Kingdom

After rapidly outgrowing their old website, Angel O’Donnell required a functional and beautifully designed new home for their digital presence.

Angel O'Donnell brand logo and image plumping a pillow

A young and vibrant interior design firm, our challenge was to bring the character of the company, their work and its founders into the website. This was achieved through the bold use of colour and graphic shapes drawn from the interiors and logotype, as well as showing the imagery as it was captured in camera, with no cropping.

Angel O'Donnell OWO image with brand shapes overlaid



Brand proposition


Brand book + guidelines

Operational assets

Website design + build

Angel O'Donnell Brixton Townhouse image

We designed the website mobile first. Intelligent user interface decisions were made at this stage such as moving the main controls down to within easy reach of the users thumb.

Angel O'Donnell Business Cards

As part of the project, we looked to refresh the firms operational collateral to create consistency between digital and printed assets.

Angel O'Donnell Studio Deck Front Cover
Angel O'Donnell Studio Deck internal spread
Angel O'Donnell Soho Penthouse image

Photography: Angel O’Donnell