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The Reverie Saigon


Creating a seamless online experience to showcase one of the world’s most opulent hotels. Boasting spectacular interior design and an entourage of artefacts worthy of a design museum, this luxury hotel is one of a kind. Welcome to the wonderful.


  • Website design + build
  • Digital marketing

    The Reverie Saigon’s website was in need of re-imagining to support the hotel’s growing ambitions, and better showcase Saigon as one of Asia’s emerging destinations where history and urban sophistication collide.

    Having created the original proposition, ‘Welcome to the Wonderful’, and the previous website, we were incredibly excited to work with the team at The Reverie to create a new and refreshed website that supports the proposition while improving visibility and content management across multiple languages.

    With four languages and over 900 pages of content, the new website launched for the Tet Festival.

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