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Spirit Yachts

Suffolk, United Kingdom

Founded in 1993, Spirit Yachts builds exquisite classic wooden sail and power yachts. The East Anglian-based boatbuilders’ profile grew significantly when their elegant handbuilt yachts featured in the James Bond films Casino Royale and No Time to Die. He has impeccable taste!


  • Website design + build

    When James Bond needs a new yacht, he calls Spirit Yachts – and when Spirit Yachts needs a new website, they call Linassi+Co. A client since 2016, Spirit’s web requirements had grown in complexity over the years. It became clear there was a need to simplify the user experience as well as celebrate their commitment to leading the way in sustainable builds and environmentally sound innovation.


    Much like the yachts, we wanted to create a ‘modern classic’ – an elegant website and user experience that strengthened Spirit’s reputation for craftsmanship, design and speed through the water. The design incorporates subtle details drawn from the yachts, such as compass-inspired button animations and a recurring diagonal line motif to represent the proud profile of a yacht’s bow. Serif and san serif typography plays on the blend of modern and classic.

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    Spirit Yachts