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©L+CO | Elivi Hotels | Logotype and Black Swan Branding

Elivi Hotels


We sought to create a name and brand with a compelling story for this new hospitality brand. One that would give Elivi stand out in a crowded market – a story only they could own.


  • Brand positioning + narrative
  • Naming
  • Brand identity
  • Brand guidelines
  • Operational collateral

    Elivi, a portmanteau derived from Elláda, meaning Greece, and Vivi, the name of their founder. The brand name alludes to the vision of authentic Greek family generosity blended with five-star resort service – the promise of Greek hospitality at its best.

    Koukounaries Bay not only plays host to this Skiathos hotel, but it is also home to black sea swans. Serving as a key visual component to the brand kit-of-parts, a collection of illustrated black swans accompany the hotel interiors and collateral to bring a distinct and playful personality to this boutique hotel.

    ©L+CO | Elivi Hotels | Logotype Over Image of Poolside
    ©L+CO | Elivi Hotels | Black Swan Illustrations
    ©L+CO | Elivi Hotels | Tote Bag
    ©L+CO | Elivi Hotels | Duck Leg Illustration
    ©L+CO | Elivi Hotels | Sunbed
    ©L+CO | Elivi Hotel | Door Hangers
    ©L+CO | Elivi Hotels | Slippers
    ©L+CO | Elivi Hotels | Spa Packaging
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