Designed by world-renowned naval architect Espen Øino, Njord is set to become the world’s largest private residential megayacht, where owners can explore the wonders of our blue planet from the comfort of home.

Makaira Monaco Megayacht
Linssi+Co Projects - Njord - Brand Positioning

We were approached by Ocean Residences Development to help define this unique offer. ‘The Finest Address. Everywhere In The World.’ captured this succinctly, sparking intrigue and interest of potential owners the world over.


Alongside this brand proposition, we developed a brand concept that celebrates the nautical and turns Njord into code, deciphered only by those in the know.

Linssi+Co Projects - Njord - Logo
Linssi+Co Projects - Njord - Stationery



Brand proposition

Brand narrative


Soft launch collateral

Brand identity concept

Linssi+Co Projects - Njord - Floorplan Hard Back Brochure
Makaira Monaco CGI
Linssi+Co Projects - Njord - Bag
Linssi+Co Projects - Njord - Bow Name