Jaya Hotels & Residences


Jaya Ibrahim was a celebrated interior designer and visionary, bringing his unique style and eye for detail to some of the most exclusive hotels and private residences in the world.

Jaya full brand logo design

Having designed some of the world’s most distinctive hotels, Jaya turned to us to help make the natural progression into hotel management, branded residences and more.

Jaya business card design front and back



Brand positioning and narrative

Brand refinement

Brand book

Usage guidelines

Print applications

Digital applications

Jaya book cover in sleeve box packaging

Having tragically lost Jaya during the branding process, we worked closely with the team, creating a legacy brand positioning and core values to uphold the qualities and sensibilities that make Jaya’s style unique, highlighting at every opportunity the beauty in their craft. This included a brand refinement and structure, brand book, investor pack for Hotels & Residences and the subsequent digital and print collateral needed to tell their story.

Jaya book spreads
Jaya book spreads
  • Jaya soft cover brand book
  • Jaya soft cover brand book
  • Jaya soft cover brand book
  • Jaya soft cover brand book